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At NorthPointe Church we believe that the church is a family built upon Jesus Christ. And as followers of Christ, being connected to a local church through biblical church membership is vitally important. If you sense God calling you to join NorthPointe church, membership class is your first step. In this time together we will explain how God has called this local body to be a Gospel-Centered church that makes, matures and multiples disciples of Jesus Christ.

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No one wants to be afraid, to feel anxious, or nervous. We believe the lies and fears that the enemy seeks to instill in our lives. We walk into our schools, turn on the news, or talk to our friends, and leave feeling unsteady. But fear does not have to be the defining characteristic of our lives. The voice of the enemy does not have to overpower the voice of our Victor, Jesus. Jesus has erased the need for all fear and blocks out the sometimes overwhelming voice of the enemy. At Student Life Camp 2021, students will learn that while the opponent is great, our God is greater. He was and is a God of kept promises, who has good plans for us. He is our stronghold in the midst of weakness, taking our hands in the face of uncertainty, and pushing us toward courage, pushing us to take heart.

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Dates:  Feb 26-27
Cost: 50.00 (per student
Theme: Project Serve
Our DNow event theme will be Project Serve.  At this event, your student can expect to:
Learn about the difference between the way our culture views service and the way Christ leads us to become servants.
Discover some of the people around them they are called to serve.
Step out of their comfort zones to embrace the interruptions God places in their lives.
Brainstorm and jump into a few personal, local, and global service opportunities.
Think about the way they serve, not just the fact that they served.
Encounter some unintuitive forms of service, including prayer, meeting others' relational and emotional needs, and spreading the good news of Jesus.
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New PreTeen Shirts are available.  Shirts are $12.00. Order by clicking on the picture.